My purpose is always to tell a story. The territory and its inhabitants are for me essential creative sources. The base of my work is an ethnographic research often addressed to all everythings that the society could considers abnormal, inusual and is further from the concept of normality.

But what is normality?

It is on this question that my study and my tale are based. I am fascinated by macrocosms but I find it easier and more interesting to get in touch with small communities, where it is more natural for me to insert myself with narrative purposes to perceive their internal mechanisms.


Born in Brescia, Italy, in 1980. After the Master's Degree in Theater and Film Design, she direct her work on the use of camera, developing short films and photographic installations of various kind, exhibited in Italy and abroad (Brescia, Grottaglie, Bolognano, Bologna, New Orleans, Puerto del Rosario). With the short film “Dulcis in Fundo”, she won in 2010 the Organization’s award at the Galleria San Fedele in Milan, and in 2011 Best Shortfilm at the Tagliacorti Festival in Trieste and Best Original Screenplay at the Film Festival in Frosinone.

She won the first prize at the Photo Contest of the magazine Le Scienze in 2011. In 2013, with the photo series “A piedi nudi”, her work is in the catalog of the Combat Prize. In 2014 she took part in the creation of some videos at Gabriele Salvatores' docufilm “Italy in a Day” and in 2015 she was selected for her participation at the Foto Factory Modena, which consolidates her love for the photography, today her main tool of work. After some years of experience abroad, she is now back to live and work in Brescia.